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This is the BEST gooey crispy rice treat ever. I make it for pot lucks, and I always take the recipe with me. 

How can one go wrong with mars bars? However I make a slightly different version, which I find is a five star square. I use 3 mars bars (I buy the four pack and usually end up eating one), about 1.5 cups of minimarshmallows, maybe a little less if I don't have quite enough, 1/4 cup butter. I melt this mix on the stove over low/med heat, stirring constantly, and add 4.5 or 5 cups of rice crispies. If I feel like a richer bar, I use less cereal. 

If I want to stretch the batch, I use a bit more. After I press the mixture into a pan (8x8 if I want thick bars) I do not put them in the fridge or melt chocolate on the top. The chocolate is unnecessary and I find it takes away from the caramel flavour. I make these squares a lot and they always get eaten. Again, how can one go wrong with mars bars???