Dutch Apple Pie Cookies

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This was my first pie, and everyone loved it! The topping was wonderful! If a recipe says "parchment paper"- you should probably use parchment paper and not just a bag. Also, as with anything, I tweaked this recipe to fit into what I was craving... I shop at Fresh Market, and their apples are HUGE so I only used four. I split the sugar and used 1/4 c. white and 1/4 c. brown (packed), and I used a bit more cinnamon. When I made the topping, I used an extra 1/4 c. flour and again split the sugar so I used equal amounts brown and white. I then added 1/4 c. pecans to the topping. 

Also, we love crust!! so I bought a ready made, and put the top crust on, then put the topping on the top crust and cut four slits in it. I thought it might not work, but actually the crust was so good, one comment I got was "This topping makes it!" 

For baking, I used REAL white parchment paper, and folded it into the packet then stapled it closed! I baked it at 400 for 70 min. because the white parchment paper can't go above 420. It could have come out a minute or two earlier, but it is perfectly done! It'n not over-baked at all, just the color could be a little prettier (lighter on top). Really a great recipe! Don't listen to the negative reviews, I wasn't going to make this one, but I'm soooooo glad I did! ENJOY!

Get the recipe here >> Dutch Apple Pie Cookies @ lovelylittlekitchen.com